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Making Government Work for the Better

and Non-Profits Soar

We reimagine government operations and improve efficiency to solve problems, as well as, save taxpayers money. We devise innovative solutions to cut through bureaucracy and break down silos. And we'll help you implement your policies to produce the results you've determined that you want to achieve.

Saving Money

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Solving Problems

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Executing Results

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Our personnel publish prolifically on cutting-edge ideas in outlets like U.S. News & World, CNN, Aspenia, and The Atlantic.  Our CEO is a recognized thought-leader, speaker and educator on the future of government.


We help public-sector and public-interest entities to devise creative solutions, manage their fiscal challenges, plan for the future, execute their strategies, and implement policies – all to achieve meaningful results.



Our clients include government decision-makers from Chief Elected Officials to legislators to agency heads.  We also work with Non-Governmental Organizations, non-profits and think tanks.



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Our Team Members have held senior positions in the public and private sector on the local and global stage. We know how to research, assess and generate innovative ideas and craft the measurable action steps needed to guide your team towards implementation. We'll research the analytics, assess the challenges and opportunities you face, and identify the resources needed to guide your strategic planning towards achieving optimum results.


Quite simply, we've been where you are today. We get it and we know the value of listening to our clients along with their stakeholders. Exploring what's possible and making it so, is a dynamic partnership.  You won't get cookie-cutter, "we-know-what's best for you" reports from us.  




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We're passionate about public service and working for the greater good. It's why we're dedicated to making government work for the better and assist non-profits in fulfilling the promise of their mission.

Eric B. Schnurer, Public Works President