Economic & Workforce Development

We strengthen workforce development programs by researching best practices, designing policy and program initiatives and advising several agencies on the coordination and integration of workforce and education policies. Our work with state and local economic development agencies includes overhauling strategies, analyzing specific opportunities to improve the tax structure or attract new businesses and supporting economic development projects.

Here is some of what we've done ...

Preserving Rental Properties in Auburn, Washington

The City of Auburn asked Public Works to identify strategic solutions for practical,

innovative and creative approaches to addressing the physical decline of its

low-income neighborhoods.  Specifically, the City tasked Public Works with finding

solutions that had limited to no bureaucratic or financial requirements but that

relied instead on on social capital, community engagement, voluntarism, sweat

equity and public/private partnerships.


Read the full report here: Preserving Rental Housing in Auburn.

New Mexico Tax Incentives Review


The New Mexico Economic Development Department requested that Public Works

conduct a survey of best practices and the similar experiences of other jurisdictions

in analyzing, evaluating, measuring, and projecting the effectiveness of economic

development incentives in meeting their stated objectives and intended outcomes.  

Additionally, Public Works was asked to report on tax incentives used in other states

to create new jobs that would be worth considering and examining in New Mexico.


City of Seattle Pioneer Industrial Development Projects: Policy and Code Change


The City of Seattle asked Public Works to provide supporting research and

analysis, including an in-depth interview process, to identify the regulatory

issues and constraints that most directly affect the growth and economic

development of the City’s industrial and manufacturing sectors.


Read the full report here: Seattle Report.