Public Safety

Our public safety group has unparalleled experience in making corrections systems, law enforcement, and homeland security work as effectively and efficiently as possible.



  • Our team helped the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s Administration of Corrections implement more than 250 recommendations to improve operations, security, organizational structure, management, technology and strategic planning.


  • Public Works’ operational analysis and performance review of Florida’s Department of Corrections enabled the department to improve its performance, and operate more efficiently and address inefficiencies in population management, health care delivery, and compliance.


  • We conducted an analysis of health care and mental health services for adults and juveniles at facilities operated by Maine’s Department of Corrections to improve performance, quality, and cost effectiveness.


  • Our team conducted a security operations assessment and helped the Cook County (Chicago) Jail design an operational staffing plan to comply with court orders and optimize effectiveness.


  • A public safety review for the City of Austin, Texas, suggested strategies to improve service delivery while driving down costs.