Public Works Completes Performance Review for Texas Legislative Budget Board

Public Works recently completed a performance review of the Dalhart Independent School District for the Texas Legislative Budget Board (LBB). The LBB’s Texas School Performance Review  Program was created by the TX Legislature in 1990 to “periodically review the effectiveness and efficiency of the budgets and operations of school districts.” The LBB is responsible for conducting comprehensive reviews of school districts’ educational, financial and operational services and programs as directed by statute (Section 322.016, Government Code).  To carry out this statutory responsibility for Dalhart Independent School District, LBB contracted with Public Works LLC to perform the efficiency and effectiveness review.

The review process includes a variety of methodology including a review of data, use of peer district data, staff and parent surveys, interviews and focus groups, open parent and community meetings, and the use nationwide of best practices and metrics.

Each school district area is reviewed including, district organization and management, educational service delivery including all programs such as special education, English Language Learners, career and technology, alternative education,  human resources, financial management, transportation, food services, safety and security, facilities, and parent and community involvement. All findings, recommendations, and fiscal impacts are supported by documented evidence.

The report is posted in English and Spanish on the LBB’s website and can be found here: Dalhart ISD Performance Review.